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Welcome to the BMDCNV Photo Gallery! Members or Club officers may submit photos from Club-sponsored events. Please see the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Submitting Photos

  • Please submit photos electronically (in digital form) if at all possible. If you do not have access to a scanner to digitize your photos, you may request assistance from the Club webmaster.

  • Please do not submit large quantities of unsorted photos from Club events -- submit those photos that best represent the event.

  • It's helpful if photos are cropped and sized to a maximum of 500 pixels wide.

  • If you would like captions on your photo, you MUST supply them. Send captions in an e-mail or other attachment with your photos, and be sure to identify which caption goes with which photo.

  • Photos should be saved in JPEG format (.jpg)

  • When submitting multiple photos, you can use file names to reflect the order you wish the photos to appear in. For example, instead of

    dave_dog.jpg, emily_ed.jpg, anna_and_gus.jpg

    Use names like these:

    01_dave.jpg, 02_emily.jpg, 03_anna.jpg

  • Send your photos to the Club webmaster at, or contact the webmaster to request a mailing address to send a CD.

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